Get The Top 10 Reasons For A Toothache

Top 10 Reasons For Toothaches

Top 10 Reasons For Toothaches

Dr. Deepak Rudramoorthy from Diva Dental Care explains the reasons why toothaches make anyone feel miserable. Everyone is curious to know the reason behind every tooth pain. So just sit back to read the top 10 reasons for a toothache.

10. Orthodontic Alignment

Braces, retainers, and other dental alignment systems are a common cause of oral discomfort and aching pain among teeth during orthodontic treatment. Pain is usually fairly noticeable right after adjustments that tighten or move teeth but typically subsides after a few days. If you have continuous pain that is not controlled by any medications, please call your dentist immediately to personally check your teeth. Contact the Best Orthodontist In Bangalore for a complete oral health check-up.

9. Misaligned Teeth or Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Teeth that have not erupted or a tooth that is not aligned in the mouth can be a reason for a toothache. Impacted wisdom teeth are the most common cause of tooth pain one gets after the age of 18. It is important for a patient to inform about any problem in chewing or ear pain during regular dental visits. You would be referred to an orthodontist if you have crooked or malaligned teeth.

8. Improper Brushing or Flossing

It is very common to observe people scrubbing their teeth when they brush. This results in a huge amount of forces exerted on the gums and the tooth surface. As a result of hard brushing, the gums can recede and cause sensitivity or tooth pain. Watch a video on good tooth brushing techniques or ask your dentist to demonstrate the correct brushing methods.

7. Teeth Grinding

Tooth pain is a common complaint in people who grind their teeth generally while they’re sleeping or during stressful situations. This is also called bruxism. Tooth grinding causes the first layer of the tooth to wear away and expose the underlying dentin resulting in sensitivity or toothache.
Sometimes bruxism can cause headaches, ear pain, and also chip out tooth surfaces.

6. Damaged Fillings or Dental Sealants

Dental fillings sometimes give way and create a small cavity in the tooth. The reason old fillings get damaged is because of the constant chewing forces of different hard food particles. This results in a sudden shock-like pain when chewing hard foods. The best way to avoid damaged fillings is to get regular follow-up checkups done to rule out any cracks or dislodged restorations. Get more information about the average cost of dental fillings in Bangalore

5. Temperature Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity is a common complaint when people eat very hot or cold foods. The reason of teeth sensitivity is the enamel covering an area of tooth surface may be worn away, due to several factors. Try and consult your dentist nearby, who may prescribe a medicated toothpaste. Ask your dentist about other treatment options.

4. Tooth Fractures

A tooth can fracture, chip, or crack during an accident or active sports. This can lead to mild to severe pain depending on the damage done to the tooth. A fractured tooth sometimes does not pain immediately but may start hurting after a couple of months to years. 

Thus it is always advised to consult a dentist if there is an injury to the tooth to rule out any cracks or fractures by taking a simple x-ray.

3. Gum Disease

Many of them ignore gum pain or infection which causes a dull ache. Gum infections may lead to deeper pockets between the teeth leading to bone loss. There is severe tooth pain seen in people with periodontitis. If this is left untreated it can lead to mobile teeth and finally tooth loss.

2. Tooth Abscess

In cases of chronic tooth decay, there may be signs of an infection or pus seen at the end of the root. This causes excruciating pain which may also be associated with fever. It is a condition that needs to be immediately treated, without any delay.

Annnnnd are you ready for number one?

Yes, How can anyone forget a TOOTH DECAY?

1. Tooth Decay

The most common infection seen in any oral cavity is tooth decay. Though it is seen in common, we should not neglect tooth decay. Tooth decay will not stop its spread only to the outer layer of the tooth.  Once the dentin is damaged the tooth becomes very sensitive because a cavity or carries has developed.

As the tooth decay progresses to the pulp there would be severe pain. A severe toothache due to decay makes life very difficult as it restricts a person to eat his daily food. This is an immediate alarm to see a dentist nearby as soon as possible. Please do not try any home remedies.

A simple examination can determine what’s going on, and the sooner you do it the better.  If going to the dentist makes you anxious, ask about sedation. 

Got any more questions or comments? Send us a message to your dentist nearby or contact our dental clinic in Bangalore. Take care of yourself!

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