Tips that will immediately help you in Dental Emergencies

Tips that will immediately help you in Dental Emergencies

Who are the dentists for dental emergency treatments in Bangalore?

There are a lot of good dentists in Bangalore who has vast experience in handling dental emergencies. A good suggestion would first try to explain to a dentist on the phone so that he can be readily available and prepared to treat the situation.

Dental Emergencies can occur to a person of any age group in any situation. For example, a broken tooth, severe tooth pain, or a cut lip are all issues that typically beckon an urgent dental appointment. However, there are a few less obvious symptoms that should never be ignored, as they may be the underlying cause of a bigger problem.

Here are some tips for common dental emergencies:

1. For a knocked-out (Avulsed) / Displaced permanent or adult tooth

If there is an accident or blow to the jaw resulting in tooth avulsion. Don't panic! you can try any one of the following instructions:

  • If the tooth is partially moved in or out of its socket, try to place the tooth back in the socket without touching the root of the tooth, keep it moist at all times. 
  • If the tooth has completely come out of the socket, place it in between the cheeks and gums or in a glass of milk. 
  • Put an ice pack on the face to keep any swelling down.

Call a dentist nearest to you immediately so that he can further stabilize the tooth by splints or other procedures

2. When a tooth is cracked, chipped or fractured 

Check for these symptoms:

  • difficulty in eating food. 
  • Sensitivity when eating hot and cold foods
  •  Pain when biting onto hard foods like nuts.

Dental Tip :

  1. immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area.
  2. Take a pain killer after consulting a dentist on the phone.


There is no home treatment for cracked, chipped, and fractured teeth. Contact your dentist nearby to see the various options of dental treatments available after analysis of the extent of the crack with an X-Ray.

3. Tongue Injury

An injury to the tongue usually occurs in children. The damages are more severe in elders in an accident. Tongue injury can also occur in people during episodes of epilepsy.

Check For These Symptoms:

  • Severe or Excessive Bleeding from the tongue. 
  • Check for any swelling and red streaks on the surface of the tongue. 
  • It is very important to check for any physical deformation.

Dental Tip :

  • Clean the tongue area gently with water and place soft cloth ice packs on the face and mouth which can reduce and control swelling.
  • Eat only very soft and cold foods.
  • Compress the wound with an ice-cold gauze piece for 5 minutes intermittently for 30 minutes.

 A tongue bite can be painful initially but will subside over a couple of days to a week depending on the severity. Call your family dentist, so that he can examine the severity of the wound.

Tooth Pain

There may be different reasons for a tooth to ache. A potential cause for pain includes dental decay or infection at the root of the tooth.

Dental Tips: 

  • Do not take over the counter medication.
  • Never postpone an appointment to get your aching tooth checked by a good dentist near you.
  • Don’t do any kind of home treatment methods without consulting a dentist.
  • Get a telephonic consultation with a dentist nearby instead. Inform the dentist about a complete medical history like Diabetes, Hypertension, Pregnancy related issues, and allergies if any before he advises any temporary pain relief medicines.
  • Always keep a medicine box at home with medicines that are prescribed by a dentist or physician for emergency situations.
  • Get an appointment with a dentist so that he can suggest the best possible treatments and medication for your tooth pain.

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